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Patna or Patliputra, the capital city of Bihar's history goes back to two millennia. Located at on the banks where river Sone and Ganga merge, this city has witnessed the rules of Chanakya, Chandragupta, Ashoka and the Nanda rulers.

Even if Patna has'nt got any good items to offer still the markets are good for shopping. One can buy decorative pieces made out of stone and 'lac'. Jewellery made of beads and 'Tilcoot'- a sweet are quite popular. There are variety of accommodation facilities too.

The various sight seeing places in Patna are: Sadakat Ashram which is a memorial dedicated to our first President Dr. Rajindra Prasad. The Takth Harminder or Patna Sahib is a beautiful Gurudwara. Khuda Baksh Library is known as the ?world of manuscripts? because it treasures thousands of Arabic,Persian, Mughal; and Rajputana style paintings and manuscripts.

Patna is hot and humid in summer and cold in winters. Relative humidity can go up to 100% during summer. It receives medium to heavy rainfall in the monsoon.


Watercolour drawing showing the Chait festival being celebrated on the banks of the Ganges at Patna, by an anonymous artist working in the Patna style, c.1795-1800. Inscribed on the back of the drawing is: 'No'.'1. The Gift of E.E. Pote Esq. Elizath Collins Offerings of fruit to the Ganges: a religious Ceremony at which the Women are permitted to attend, and come down to the River side to celebrate: and as it is supposed avail themselves of this liberty to see and be seen which is gratified, by the Men bringing boats to anchor along the Banks of the River';' also Offering of Fruits to the Ganges.'

The Chait festival is the Hindu New Year's Day festival held on the 1st of Chait (March-April) which is the beginning of the Hindu calendar. Part of the festival is depicted here as women are shown standing in the river offering fruit either to the sun or to the water. This drawing was most likely made for Ephraim Pote who served in Bengal from 1773 to 1800 while he was stationed at Patna. It is one of the earliest examples of painting made for the British by Indian artists in Patna. The style is similar to the work of Murshidabad artists with elongated figures wearing costumes with jagged folds and there is a possibility that Murshidabad artists migrated to Patna to work for the British.

Bridge Gandhisetu Patna
Bridge Gandhisetu Patna

The Ganges at Patna
The Ganges at Patna

Attractions and Places to Visit in Patna

Agam KunaIt is said that Ashoka made this well. It is presumed that the well has endless source of water. Once many motors were put to empty the well but even after days, the well could not be dried.

Gol GharGol Ghar is 1 km away from Patna city and it is a huge beehive shaped structure built in 1786 by Captain John Garstin, following the famine of 1770. This is used as a state granary to meet eventuality during famine. Tourists get the birdps eye view of the whole city from the top of the dome.

Khuda Baksh LibraryKnown as the “world of manuscripts” in India, this is a treasure house of medieval manuscripts and is famous for its rare Arabic and Persian manuscripts, rich paintings and numerous volumes of rare books.

Kumharar6 kms. from Patna is Kumharar, where tourists can find remains of the ancient city of Pataliputra. An 80-pillared hall belonging to the Mauryan dynasty has also been found on excavations. The place is surrounded by greenery and gives a very scenic look.

Patna museumThe museum is located in Dedarganj and is the oldest museum in Bihar, established in 1917. It houses about 57,000 items of archeological importance and also has a collection of 22,000 old coins.

Stone MosqueBuilt in 1621 by Parvezshah, son of emperor Jahangir, this mosque is also known as Sanji Masjid and the structure is a marvel of architecture.

Takth HarmandirBuilt of white marble this is actually a Sikh shrine, commissioned by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to commemorate the birth of the last Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind. One can get to see the personal belongings of the guru with special permission.

The PlanetariumThe Patna Planetarium is one of the largest planetariums in Asia and attracts a large number of domestic as well as foreign tourists. It has regular film shows on subjects related to astronomy and also holds exhibitions.

The Sanjay Gandhi BotanicalThe botanical garden is situated on the famous Baily road and has numerous birds and animals. The garden attracts many children and wooden house built on a tree is the main attraction here. It also has an artificial lake where boating can be enjoyed.

How to Reach Patna

AIR Patna is connected by air with Ahmedabad,Delhi ,Calcutta ,Mumbai ,Lucknow and Ranchi .
Indian-Airlines has daily flights between Patna and Delhi ,Calcutta and Ranchi .Three flights in a week are available for Patna to Lucknow .Sahara Airlines has one flight a day to Varanasi and Delhi .Between Kathmandu and Patna the Necon Air provides their services four times in a week .

BY ROAD Patna is the entrance to visit the Buddhist cities and is connected with major cities and towns of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh .The Harding Park is the main bus terminal of Patna .It is located just west of Patna junction railway station .The Harding Park bus terminal has a large place with several departure gates spread out along the road . Government buses are operated from the Gandhi Maidan Area .The government buses are available to many places of Bihar .

RAIL Patna junction is the main railway station in the region .Gaya,Delhi,Varanasi,Darjeeling ,Calcutta ,Mumbai and Chennai are connected with Patna by rail .

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