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There are very few hotels and resorts in Corbett National Park, always ensure your hotel bookings well in advance while visiting Corbett National Park. Hotels in Corbett National Park can be divided in four categories; Resorts, Hotels, Forest Rest House and other hotels in the city. Hotel accommodation suiting all wallet sizes from luxury hotels and resorts to budget and economy hotel is available in Corbett National Park buffer zone on riverside in the forest as well as in Ramnagar city. The Resorts and hotels in Corbett National Park are replete with modern day facilities. The services offered by the hotels in Corbett National Park are efficient. The adventure enthusiast and leisure travellers to Corbett National Park usually prefer hotels near Corbett Park in jungle on riverside. The hotels and Resorts in Corbett National Park are sold on Package basis i.e. inclusive of room stay, food, excursion, jeep and elephant safari etc. The budget hotels, government accommodation other hotels of Corbett National Park cater to the accommodation needs of the budget travellers in Corbett National Park, but they are in the city. The honeymoon in Corbett National Park is heaven on Earth for the honeymooners. The hotels in Corbett National Park can be booked from Nainital for the people coming to Corbett National Park via Nainital to avoid last moment inconvenience.

Jim Corbett National Park - A Park with History:

Jim Corbett National Park has a strong historical background, which can be traced from the early 1800 when its forest were private property of the rulers of the Terhi Garhwal.

Around the 1820's this part of the state was parted to the British Rulers in return of the assistance provided during the Gurkha invasion. The British exploited the timber potential of Corbett National Park forest and mercilessly felled the forests and plant 'TEAK' a precious hardwood, to fulfill the supply for Railway sleepers.

In 1858 the first step towards protection of Corbett National Park forest was initiated byMajor Ramseyin form of a comprehensive plan, wherein farming and cattle intrusion were banned in the lower Patlidun valley. The Forest Department took control of the area and declared it as Reserve forest in 1879 under the forest act. Soon after the condition of these forest showed improvement and possibilities of forming a game sanctuary were proposed in the early 1900 by Michael Keen an officer with the Forest Dept. The proposal was turned down by the then Governor of The United Province John Hewett. More futile attempts were made in the 1916&1917 by E.R. Stevens and Smythies, both DFO's of the area to declare the sanctuary but were turned down.

In 1934 Governor Malcolm Hailey supported the proposal and declared the reserve forest into a sanctuary. Soon after Governor Hailey and Sir Smythies proposed the up gradation of the sanctuary to a national park. During this period Major James E Corbett was getting famous for his Man eating Tiger shoots. Corbett, who was well versed with area was consulted and helped in marking the boundaries for the proposed national park. On August 6th 1936, the UP national park act was enacted and Hailey National Park - named after Governor Hailey, came into being as India's first National Park and the worlds third covering an area of about 325 sq. kms.

Post independence the park was renamed after the Ramganga River - the main perennial lifeline of the area and was called the Ramganga National Park. James E Corbett died on 19th April 1955 in Nyeri, Kenya. In 1957 the park was again renamed, in honor of the legendary hunter turned conversationalist, Jim Corbett who spent most his life in the area and helped in setting up the park.

The wildlife protection act was enacted in the year 1972 and Corbett National Park was one of the first national park to launch Project Tiger a government sponsored program for the conservation of the Tiger and its habitat on 1st April 1973.

In 1991 the area of the reserve was further increased with the inclusion of the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. Today Corbett National Park stands as one of the prime examples of efforts to conserve and is one of the best protected forest and tiger reserve in the world.

As with the rest of the country, there are three well-defined seasons at the Corbett National Park . winter from November to February, summer from March to June and the rainy season the rest of the year.

Corbett National Park - Corbett
Corbett National Park - Corbett

Moreton Corbett Castle - Corbett
Moreton Corbett Castle - Corbett

The Beauty and Wonder of Jim Corbett - Corbett
The Beauty and Wonder of Jim Corbett - Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park:

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Attractions and Places to Visit in Corbett

The Sloth Bear, Himalayan Black Bear, Dhole, Jackal, Yellow Throated Martem, Himalayan Palm Civet, Indian Grey Mongoose, Common Otter, Porcupine, Clack-taped Hare are the other attractions of this area. It is possible to see elephants all over the park too. There are four species of deer residing over here. These are the Chital, the well-known Spotted Deer, Para, Kakka, and the Barking Deer. The Goat Antelopes are represented by the Ghoral.

There is a lot for the bird watchers in this park. It has over 580 species of birds. Most of the water birds are migrant, and arrive in winters. Some of these are the Greylag, Bar-headed Goose, Duck, Grepe, Snipe, Sandpiper, Gull and wagtail. The residents include Darters, Cormorants, Egrets, Herons, the black-necked Stork and the spur winged Lapwings.

Reptiles, which are residents of this area, are the Gharial, the rare Fish eating, long - nosed Crocodile, and a few species of Turtles and Tortoises. The Indian Python, Viper, Cobra, Krait and King Cobra also inhabit the Corbett National Park.

How to Reach Corbett

By Air: Phoolbagh, Pantnagar at a distance of 50 km is the nearest airport. Delhi at a distance of 300 km is the nearest international airport.

By Rail: Ramnagar is on the broad gauge track from where the road transport options have to be availed to reach the park.

By Road: Dhikala is 300 km from Delhi, 145 km from Lucknow and 51 km from Ramnagar. The route from Delhi spans Hapur-Murababad-Ramnagar. The turn off is some 7 km beyond Muradabad to the left, marked by a small board. The route from Lucknow spans Bareilly. Kichha. Rudrapur. Doraha. Kashipur.

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