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Watched the wonder of the Taj Mahal and left amazed at the beauty of Agra? Move ahead to the beautiful Bharatpur. Just fifty-four kilometers away from Agra is the town of Bharatpur world renowned for its wildlife bird sanctuary. Now that you are set out to admire beauty been at the Taj Mahal view the fabulous fights of the birds at Bharatpur.

The airport at Agra is the nearest to Bharatpur. It is well connected through rail and road with other major neighboring as well as far-flung cities like Mathura, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Mumbai and Jaipur. Once in the town commuting is easy again. The cycle rickshaws and bicycles are available in abundance. The carriages driven by the horses - tongas are the other not so usual means of communication. At the same time the jeeps and the minim buses are also available for hire.

The main areas for shopping in the city are :
Mathura Gate Chauburja Bazar Laxman mandir Ganga Mandir

Deeg(34 km) North of Bharatpur is this beautiful garden town, the gardens have been laid with great care and precision, the sparkling foundtains and meticulous palaces add to the beauty of this idyllic retreat of the princes of Bharatpur. The tourist enjoy the charming settings of this agricultural town, along with the well preserved palace pavilions and gardens.

Gopal Bhavan: Completed in 1760 , an imaginatively designed building complex with beautifully laid gardens at its entrance and the rear overlooks the Gopal Sagar which is flanked with smaller pavillioins Sawan and Bhadon The formal gardens face a raised terrace with an arch of lustrous marble installed on a padestal in the form of swing. This exquisite swing is a war trophy brought in by the famous Jat King Raja Suraj Mal from the Mughal court in Delhi The spacious and well proportioned Banquet Hall ahs a double row of graceful pillars. The rear of the chamber is further divided by a charming sunken pool with fountains. The Banquet hall houses a rich collection of curious, souvenirs and Victorian furniture. Staricases wind upstairs to the upper floors. One room contains a solid black marble bed from Delhi.

Bengal Chamber: It houses the dining from, and has sloping arches, with comfortable cushions along the outer edges forming the seating area. The walls of the royal Chess Room has trellis design and are painted in soft red.

Deeg Fort: The fort stands majestically over a slightly elevated point, built by Raja Duraj Mal. The fort is surrounded by impressive moats, ramparts and gateways , the interiors are mostly in ruins now, but the watch tower still stands in the ruins keeping an eye over the City and Palace: over it is placed a gun captured from Agra fort. Another defunct cannon which was captured from Ahmad Shah Abdali (1761), who seized the fort for six months, guards a vantage point. Accommodation (Deeg) RTDC Midway, Near Bus Stand, Deeg Rooms and Restaurant Facility.

Bharatpur Bird Sancturary - Bharatpur
Bharatpur Bird Sancturary - Bharatpur

Dawn, Bharatpur - Bharatpur
Dawn, Bharatpur - Bharatpur

Dhaulpur: The red sandstone from Dhaulpur is famous throughout the country and was used in the construction of the Red Fort of Delhi. Dhaulpur has witnessed many battles due to its proximity with Agra. Sikandar Lodi plundered it in 1501 AD. , uprooting all its gardens. Babu mentions that it ws surrendered to him in 1526. The oldest Mughal Garden built by Babur was discovered at JHOR 16 kms from Dhaulpur, the grandeur of the garden is still reflected by its ruins. The picturesque tomb of BIBI ZARinA, probabaly the daughter of a local officer is an excellent building. MACH KUND, (5kms) from Dhaulpur, a historical site, has a lake with over hundred temples on its embankment, it bustles with life once a year during the pilgrimage. BARI, is known for the VAN VIHAR WILDLIFE SANCTUARY. The TALAB-E-SHAHI LAKE,a nd FORT, were built by Firoz Shah in 1286 AD. Excursion points around Dhaulpur are : Damoh Waterfall Kanpur Mahal & Ram Sagar Sanctuary Laswari : Daulat Rao ScIndia was defeated here at the hands of Lord Lake, which was a major land mark in modern Indian History. Dhaulpur although a humble village, it is loaded with fascinating facts and history, and has a marked Mughal influence. A place worth visiting.

Attractions and Places to Visit in Bharatpur

A paradise for the avian world, and the pilgrimage for the bird lovers, it was known as the best duck shooting resort in the British empire. But was declared a reserve for birds in 1956 and later upgraded to National Park. UNESCO has listed it as a world heritage site. The geographical location is ideal as it is on the main North-South avian route of India. Although small in size, 29 sq km. Only, it boasts to house more than 375 species of beautiful birds, and more than 132 of them breed inside the Keoladeo Ghana National Park and nearly every year new ones are added to the list.

The sanctuary not only attracts birds from India but also from places like Europe, Siberia, China and Tibet Before monsoons hundreds of these exotic birds roost and nest building activities start on the babool and kadam trees of the park. Water coming through the Ajan Bandh starts filling the various ponds and lakes of the Park.

When assured of enough food, hundreds of large, medium and little cormorant, darter, purple and grey heron, various species of egret, painted, open-billed, white necked and black necket stork, white ibis, spoonbill, night heron and other birds get busy in courting and mating. The trees are overflooded with nest, one can observe a tree housing nests upto fifties and sixties in number belongign to different species of birds looking after theri loving young onces. The nests on the trees look like pearl necklaces. Gracious Saras cranes, the tallest flight birds nest in exposed and open area, both partners share the duty of hatching, while changing incubaating duties, they come together, raise their neck and give out shrill trumpetic calls in unison and at the same time fan their feathers.

The newly born chicks are only 10cm. in size but grows upto one metre in height within a year. As the monsoons arrive birds from every part of the country start pouring into the park. Migratory water-fowls, including the pride of Keoladeo Siberian Cranes form the indispensable part of Park. The water-fowls visit the park in millions during the month of October. Rosy starling marks the beginning of the arrival of migratory birds. The most noticeable water-fowl coming to the park are barheaded and greyleg geese.

The ducks spotted here are pintail, common teal, ruddy shelduck, mallard, widgeon, shoveler, commong shelduck, red crested pochard, gadwall etc. predatory birds like imperial eagle, steppe and tawny eage, spotted eargle, marsh harrier and laggar falcon are attracted towards the park completing the avian food chain of the ecosystem. Some of them like short toed eagle, lesser spotted eagle and shikra are the residents of Park. About 11 sq. km.

Area of the park is covered with water the remaining portion is rich with Kingfisher, Red Vented and white cheeked Bulbuls, Babblers, Quails, Partridges,Sunbirds, Sparrows, Parakeets and orioles which live in bushes and burrows. The year round activity of the winged beauties has made the park a pilgrimage for bird lovers and an ornithologists delight. The animal populace also show their presence although they are thoroughly dominated by feathers, wings and beaks. The animals include the Black Buck, Sambhar - the largest Indian Antelope, Spotted deer, and Nilgais.

Pythons can also be observed at some places lazing in the sun. Vehicles are only permitted upto Shanti Kutir inside the park. The Electra Van of forest department can be engaged in the sanctuary, although the best way to explore the park is on foot or bicycles which are available on hire. Cycle rickshaws can also be hired.

How to Reach Bharatpur

By Air: Agra 56 km is the nearest airport. Daily flight form Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi and Lucknow are available to Agra.

By Bus: A network of bus services links Bharatpur with several cities within and outside the State.

By Train: Regular rail services connect Bharatpur with several cities on Delhi-Mumbai trunk route, Jaipur and Agra. Some important train connections are : Golden Temple Mail (Mumbai-Bharatpur-Jammu-Tawi); Intercity express (Hazrat Nizamuddin-Bharatpur); Paschim Express (New Delhi-Bharatpur-Mumbai).

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