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Ahmedabad (Gujarat) is one of the most liveliest cities in India and being the capital city of Gujarat dose add something extra to the reputation of this city. A visit to Ahmedabad is a must when visitors are on a path of discovery of Gujarat. Ahmedabad city is the second most prosperous city in these western parts of India. Ahmedabad got its name from Sultan Ahmad Shah who founded it in 1411 AD. Today, this city has left behind its past and has turned and developed itself into a leading industrial centre. While returning from one of his campaigns the young Sultan Ahmed Shah impressed with the scenic surroundings and climate of the town of Ashawal undertook the building of his new capital with a fort and twelve gates and named it Ahmedabad. While you can only see the ramparts of the 600 year old Bhadra fort, almost all the twelve gates with the exception of one have withstood the ravages of time, war and men. The city is also famous for the infamous Dandi Yatra done by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi.

The city offers diffrent moods right from the hustle-bustle of C.G. Road in the heart of Ahmedabad to the quite retreat of the calm and quiet of the Sabarmati Ashram. Ahmedabad's fascination is its variety, old world charm and the modern ambience of Ahmedabad makes it truly a wonderful place. Ahmedabad offers something to celbrate all year round that ranges from celbrations of Deepawali and Dusheera to the all night long dance parties of Ras Gharbha. This city never lets the mood of enjoyment swing by.


Buying or browsing, shopping in Ahmedabad is fun in itself. Meander through dozens of boutiques and gift shops on C.G. Road. During the day take your time browsing through the fascinating range of Patola silks, ethnic fabrics, silver jewellery, furniture and handicrafts. And in the evening try the Law Garden evening market for ethnic and traditional clothes and white metal jewellery. Be there by 5 P.M to have an early start. The POIs as well Teen Darwaja in old city are once again great places for antique shopping if you have the time and inclination for bargaining and don't mind the heat and dust of the crowded old city.

CLIMATE: There are typically three main seasons – summer, monsoon and winter. Barring monsoon, the climate is very dry. The weather is very hot during the months of March to June with the average summer temperature ranging from maximum 43 °C (110 °F)to minimum 23 °C (73 °F). The months of November to February have an average maximum temperature 36 °C (97 °F) and a minimum of 15 °C (59 °F). The climate is extremely dry during that period. Cold northerly winds are responsible for a mild chill during January. The south-west monsoon winds bring humid climate to Ahmedabad from mid-June to mid-September. The average rainfall is 93.2 cms (36.7 inches). The highest temperature recorded is 47 °C (116.6 °F) and the lowest is 5 °C (41 °F)

LOTHAL : A 70 km (2 hour) drive from Ahmedabad is a full fledged Harappan settlement dating back to 2nd millennium BC. You can see the fairly well preserved 4000 year old dockyard here. The elaborately carved, ornamented, three stories high ADALAJ VAV (step well) with windows and terraces is 20 km from Ahmedabad. If you drive ahead from Adalaj Vav towards Gandhinagar you will reach AKSHARDAM TEMPLE. The grandeur of this temple built in 1993, in pink sandstone is breathtaking.

MODHERA: Next is the 900 year old Sun Temple at MODHERA, 104 km away from Ahmedabad. On the days of the solar equinoxes sun rays bathe the deity facing the east in the pitch dark inner sanctum. The best time to visit this temple is in January when the Gujarat Tourism Corporation organises a classical dance festival at this temple. 140 km from Ahmedabad is PATAN, the town renowned for the 1000 year old, seven storied Rana ki vav and exquisite Patola Sarees. The Patolas range from seventy thousand to one lakh rupees because there are only three families in the world who can produce the double ikkat patolas !

Bhagwan Swaminarayan - Ahmedabad
Bhagwan Swaminarayan

River Sabarmati - Ahmedabad
River Sabarmati

Sidi Saiyyed Jali - Ahmedabad
Sidi Saiyyed Jali - Ahmedabad

CHAMPANER: About 165 km from Ahmedabad would interest you with its fabulous Islamic monuments as well as the famous fort which withstood Humayun’s onslaught in 1535 A . D.

NALSAROVAR: 65 km from Ahmedabad is for the ecotourist in you. It is a seasonal lake spread over an area of 115 sq. km and harbours more than 250 species of birds. Thousands of migratory birds flock to Nalsarovar from as far as Siberia during winter.

Wind up your excursions from Ahmedabad with a visit to BALASINORE FOSSIL PARK 85 kms from Ahmedabad, one of those rare natural parks where you can see fossilised Dinosaur eggs.

Attractions and Places to Visit in Ahmedabad

Under a veneer of modernity hides 600 years of eventful history. History immortalised by the magnificient architecture of Ahmedabad's monuments ranging from the grand Havelis to the majestic mosques. The HAVELIS ( wooden Mansions ) of Ahmedabad are a window  to the lofty life styles of the rich of early 19 th century Ahmedabad. Exquisitely worked wooden facaded Havelis jostle for space in the narrow Pols of walled Ahmedabad. But no sooner do you cross the columned verandahs the Havelis open into the Otlo (courtyards), the divankhanu (formal drawing room), the service areas and other rooms. In the mosques and mausolea of Ahmedabad you will discover the contribution Gujarat made to Islamic architecture in India. They embody a fusion of the austere Islamic principles of design with the traditional Hindu art of sculpted ornamentation. See fusion architecture at its best in the stone tracery on the windows of SIDDI SAYED MOSQUE (1571) and the elegant JUMMA MASJID (1424). The delicate tracery, the ornamented minarets and rich detail of SARKHEJ ROJA (1445-51), is yet another example of this splendid style. So are the RANI ROOPMATI MOSQUE (1430-40) and RANI SIPRI MOSQUE (1514). SHAH ALAM ROZA built by Empress Noorjehan's brother also reflects the same elegance in its carved marble architecture.

The SHAKING MINARETS of Sidi Bashir's Mosque remain a mystery till today. Shake one minaret and the other resonates in harmony while the interconnecting terrace stands still. The Jain temples of Ahmedabad present yet another distinctly different style of architecture of which the HATHEESING JAIN TEMPLE is most representative. A grandiose structure built in marble that cost a whopping Rs. 10 lakhs way back in 1848. Next is the 300 year old   DUTCH CEMETERY near Kankaria lake. These tombs dating back to the 17 th and 18 th centuries were in memory of the Dutch and English pioneers who established their factories in Surat and Ahmedabad. Now on to the museums and art galleries of Ahmedabad. The CALICO TEXTILE MUSEUM one of the finest textile museums in the world displays an impressive collection of rare textiles and costumes that date back to the early 17 th century. At the UTENSILS MUSEUM more than 2000 varieties of traditional Indian utensils in curious shapes and sizes are on display. SHREYAS FOLK ART MUSEUM with its collection of folk culture from Gujarat as well as the L . D. MUSEUM and INSTITUTE OF INDOLOGY are unique. AMDAVAD NI GUFA designed by the renowned architect Balkrishna Doshi houses a collection of M . F. Hussain's paintings and adjoining this is the Herwitz art gallery. And finally the crown jewel, SABARMATI ASHRAM . Mahatma Gandhi's home from 1918-1930, the Ashram is tucked away in a quiet corner by the river Sabarmati. It served as Mahatma Gandhi's base for his Dandi Satyagraha , that triggered the nonviolent agitation against the British.

How to Reach Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is well connected by air, rail and road to major Indian cities.

By Air-International and Domestic airlines connect Ahmedabad to Bombay, Delhi and major cities of India. The city is also linked to Muscat, London and Newyork.

By Rail-Ahmedabad is linked to Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and other major cities in India by rail.

Road-Ahmedabad is connected by National and State Highways to major cities in India. 


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